Spans 2,850 square kilometres

Over 550 bird species

Baobab trees up to 1000 years old

Known as the Home of Elephants

Tarangire National Park is named after the Tarangire River that runs through it. Even in the dry season, water is available and a diverse range of wildlife can be found in large numbers.

Known as 'The Home of Elephants', Tarangire boasts the highest density of elephants in Tanzania and large family groups are easy to find. Even in the dry season, elephants can be found digging the Tarangire Riverbed to drink from underground streams.

Despite the high density of animals to be found here, Tarangire remains one of the lesser known and therefore quieter parks. This works in its favour though, as visitors can enjoy a less crowded and more natural safari experience than in the larger parks.

Tarangire is also famous for the number of huge Baobab trees to be seen throughout the park. These trees can grow to more than 20 meters in circumference and be over 1000 years old. The trees are also capable of holding many litres of water, and elephants are known to strip the bark to access this water. You can see the damage the elephants leave on many of the trees throughout the park – some with holes worn the entire way through.