Spans 330 square kilometres

Over 400 bird species, including many waterbird species

Great place to see Baboons &


Famous for

Tree Climbing Lions

The name Manyara comes from the Maasai language and refers to the spiny bushes growing around the lake. These spiny thorns are traditionally used to protect Maasai bomas (smallholdings) from predators such as lions.

Although one of the smaller parks, Lake Manyara National Park holds treasures not so readily seen in the other parks of the northern circuit. The large lake which, in the long rains covers two thirds of the park, attracts around 400 species of bird. These include flamingos, who flock in great numbers during the wet season.

Huge troops of baboons are seen in larger numbers here than anywhere else in the world. 

Another of Lake Manyara National Park’s attractions is its famous tree climbing lions. It is unknown why the lions here choose to climb trees, but the behaviour is seen more commonly here than in the other parks.